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2.9 Advertising, Promotion, and Publicity

All advertising, sales promotion, and publicity material produced by the teams or their sponsors concerning or referring to the Event will refer prominently to the Event as “The American Solar Challenge”. If in fact a naming sponsor is secured, teams will be required to append the Sponsor Name and to display the entire Event name, i.e. “The Acme - American Solar Challenge”. All teams, by entering the Event, specifically agree to abide by this regulation. By entering the Event, all teams and team members agree to the use of their names and their likenesses in any publicity materials (brochures, magazines, videos, photographs, etc.) that may be issued by the Event’s sponsors or organizers.

Solar Car Markings
3.12.B Institution Name(s) & Sponsors: The name of the Institution(s) or organization hosting the team must be clearly displayed on both sides of the solar car and clearly visible from a distance of 3 m perpendicular to the side of the vehicle at a viewing height of 1.8 m above ground. Additional placement of the Institution(s) or organization name on the nose of the car is also accepted but does not relieve obligation for placement on the sides of the solar car. ASC Headquarters must approve the use of abbreviations or initials. The Institution’s name shall be larger and more prominent than any team sponsor logo or name. Additional graphics related to a team’s institution(s) or sponsors are permitted, provided they are neither offensive nor disruptive.

Sponsoring ideas:
University of Minnesota sponsors

University of Michigan sponsors