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Master cylinder (@2)-
Rotors (@2)
Source for rotors:

Calipers- (left and right, 2 of each) (4 total)
Another Option: Magura Big Brake

PS-1 Dimensions


Rack and pinion steering-;jsessionid=2D67E3072C5A5F2A05912023D4D3C6A3.m1plqscsfapp01?productId=506&categoryId=99

Mounting Bracket-;jsessionid=2D67E3072C5A5F2A05912023D4D3C6A3.m1plqscsfapp01?productId=625&categoryId=99

Steering hardware-
U-joints @ 2 5/8" 36 spline

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Tips and TricksBasic Steering Setup.Probably one of the most common questions I get asked is "How do I upgrade/build my steering? Ok. Well I figured since I do this all the time I'd share the ins and out and basic parts needs to get 'er done.

The first thing to decide on is if you need an end load or a center load rack and pinion. 80-90 of my customers use an End Load Rack and pinion. Most of the Center Load Racks are installed by a professional buggy builder as geometry is very critical. Next is which End load rack and pinion do I need? Mini Rails can use either an 8.5", 11" or a 14" Sand Rack and pinion. All these racks have a 5/8 36 spline output shaft.
Once you decide which rack you are planning on using you will need to assembly the parts.
Here are the most common parts that my customers are using to build their Custom Steering.1. AC425145 11' Rack and Pinion2. 1 x AC425260 economy U-joint 5/8 36 spline by 5/8 36 spline.3. 1 x ac425244-2 5/8 36 spline 2" splined shaft4. 3/4 shaft material (get at your local metal supply shop)5. 1 x ac425261 3/4 smooth x 3/4 smooth U joint6. 1 x Ac425017-3B 3/4 bushing steering shaft hanger7. 1 x ALL52304 3/4 quick disconnect8. Optional ac411100r Steering Tilt.Mount the Rack and Pinion to your frame (there are several weldable and bolt on mounts available). Next install the 425260 u joint to the rack. Measure the length from the U joint up to your steering cross bar. Weld the 5/8 Stub shaft into your 3/4 shaft. Weld the 3/4 x 3/4 u joint to the other end of your steering shaft. Set the distance from the driver to the steering wheel. Based on the location of the steering wheel set the angle and placement of the steering hanger. Measure out and cut another section of 3/4 tube to connect steering wheel final output shaft to the 3/4 smooth U Joint. Bolt or Weld the upper section of steering shaft to the lower section (if you weld it on you will have to cut if off if you need to remove it). Once happy with placement and length weld the Quick disconnect to the Driver's side end of the Upper steering Shaft.

I hope you find this helpful.

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Ackerman steering formula:

Also need 4 steering 36 spline attachments and a 32" and 12" cold rolled 5/8" steel rods.

Section 6- Mechanical

Rear Suspension
AFCO Quarter Midget - Pavement
  • Recommended Shocks - 325-340 LB. Quarter Midget
    • Left Front/Rear or Right Front/Rear
      • Base Track Condition

Quintin ( race track supplier in Indianapolis) is only supplier of these in the country: (317) 890-4500


  • To improve efficiency, solar cars use tires with very low rolling resistance. Many teams choose to use Ecopia EP80 tires, which are single-ply racing slicks from Bridgestone. Because they can be run at 110 psi and don't have treads, they significantly reduce the amount of power required to move a solar car down the road.
  • Solar cars are the sole market for Ecopia EP80 tires, so Bridgestone only manufacturers them for the American Solar Challenge every two years. Each tire costs over $100, which makes them impractical for anything other than competitive events. Moped tires can be used for testing ($10)
  • Require machined wheels and hubs.....